Lawn Mower Repairs


Over the years, we’ve seen a vast array of lawn mowers come through our workshop, with all kinds of problems. Some of which are a simple fix, and some of which, have required either a full engine rebuild, or a replacement engine.

Naturally, throughout this time, we’ve become very well acquainted with the symptoms, to really narrow down the issue, and find the fix, in an efficient and timely Manner.

We also find that asking a few probing questions to the customer, also helps us narrow down the most possible cause, and ultimately the appropriate thing to try first.

As with all small petrol engines, they all need the 3 ingredients to start and run, being: Air, Fuel & Spark. We have a set of procedures we go through, and an selection of diagnostic tools to help us figure out what is missing, and why.

In edition to engine issues, we also carry out extensive repairs to other commonly broken parts to mowers and garden tractors, such as the drive train.


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