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Shrewsbury Small Engine Repairs are proud to have partnered with AMS Robotics, to help drive sales of the highest performing robot mowers in the world, fact!

Capable of mowing up to 24,000 m² of turf, these robots are a force to be reckoned with. Recommended for large gardens, sports pitches, golf courses, large public spaces and private estates, they help reduce man hours, improve grass growth and drive down costly and completely unnecessary labor.

Are they really worth the investment?
Absolutely. traditional petrol powered machinery are heavy, noisy and polluting. Not only that, but they also require expensive fuel, regular servicing and maintenance, as well as of course, an operator. The new line of commercial robots from AMS robotics are quite, fully autonomous, eco-friendly time savers. They can mow at a defined schedule, or, thanks to the onboard computer, can monitor the condition of the grass at all times, and be completely self managed. They even know when there’s a hard frost! If the battery runs low, it will go and charge, completely by itself, with no human intervention needed.

Do they do a decent enough job?
Designed for large areas and professional applications the Belrobotic mowers can cover areas of between 6,000 m2 to 24,000 m2 dependant on the model. Allowing the grass of your green space to be cut 3 to 7 times per week. Robotic mowing from AMS Robotcis can give you the perfect cut, without the hassle.

Thanks to the 15 blades, these robotic mowers certainly leave no trace. By mowing often, they keep the grass at an optimal length of your choice, and leave remnants down as fertilizer, further enhancing the turf.

How reliable are these robots?
Well, there’ll be no sick days that’s for sure. These autonomous robots, are highly reliable. However, in the unlikely event that they do encounter an obstacle, they’ll alert you via the app, available to download on iOS and Android.

Logistically, Belrobotics range of robot mowers can tackle hard to reach areas, saving time and money. Their low carbon footprint goes along way to meet the emissions targets in your sector.

Our range of large format robotic mowers are the perfect addition to any groundsman, turf care team, greenkeeper or green care company. Monitor and control your robot fleet through the use of a smartphone app and web portal. Let the automowers work tirelessly to produce carpet-like turf, while you focus on other important maintenance tasks.

Here are six advantages of commercial robotic mowers

Number One - Driving Range Benefits

Automated, can work 24/7

Mowing is automated, grass collection or disposal is no longer necessary.

Number Two - Driving Range Benefits

Saves money, time and labour

Cost savings of between 10%-50%, also frees up grounds care staff or maintenance personnel to focus on other important tasks.

Number Three - Driving Range Benefits

Saves energy and is eco-friendly

Consumes 90% less energy and emits 10 times less CO2 than traditional grass cutting equipment.

Number Four - Driving Range Benefits

Healthier turf

Tiny grass clippings feed the soil, reducing the overall need for chemical fertilisers. Soil compaction is eliminated, due to the lightweight robots. This allows for stronger grass thanks to better root growth.

Number Five - Driving Range Benefits

Better maintenance management

Large green space facilities like sports fields, pitches or parks benefit from a regular mowing schedule. Better ball retention for golf driving ranges. As the occurrence of plugged or damaged range balls is significantly reduced.

Number Five - Driving Range Benefits

Cutting-edge Robot Tech

Self charges and quietly works to your schedule. Keep an eye on your robot fleet and control them via the app and web portal.


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